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Wanna play FIFA 12 on iPhone!!

Go to the Apple iStore, Pay an amount of 4.99$ and enjoy one of the best mobile games(applications)..


Just JAILBREAK Your iPhone…


When an iPhone boots up, it walks through a "chain of trust," which is a series of signature checks among software components always done in a specific order. It begins with boot ROM, moves on to loading low-level bootloader (LLB) software (which controls general data s
torage and transfer between computers and digital devices, in this case flash memory), then iBoot, then the operating system kernel, and finally the operating system kernel loads the user applications. As the chain of trust is executed, checks are being done for any unauthorized software.

When you jailbreak an iPhone you're modifying, or patching, the iBoot and operating system kernel in this process, rendering them unable to do the digital signature checks that evaluate and distinguish authorized or unauthorized software.

A jailbreak is simply the ability to run apps and use themes and tweaks not approved by Apple. Jailbreaking doesn’t slow down your device or use any extra battery. A jailbreak lets your device be how you want it.

In short, iPhone Jailbreak is the process of hacking an iPhone to free it from Apple restrictions.

Why Jailbreak an iPhone?

  • No restrictions:- Want a custom wallpaper on your home screen? Custom icons for your apps? Access unlimited paid apps? You can do all of this and more with iPhone Jailbreak.
  • To join the subculture.

Why NOT Jailbreak the iPhone?
  • The folks at Apple know what they are doing.
  • Jailbreak could brick your iPhone.
  • Every iPhone update from iTunes disables even the best Jailbreak software.

  • iPhone Jailbreak could increase your risk of getting a virus on your device.
  • Jailbreak voids your iPhone warranty.

JailBreaking The iPhone Needs an expert???
(Uh Uh a Basic user can do it too)!!!


  • Know Your Firmware
    Go to Setting -> General -> About -> Version
Something Like 4.3.4(8L1)

  • Download another IPSW (Iphone Software) firmware of your current firmware

Example: - If you have the 4.3.4 firmware, download an IPSW format of the same firmware to process it and jailbreak it!

Several Jailbreaking Softwares are available online for FREE:-

  1. GreenpoisOn :- greenpois0n is both a cross-platform hacker toolkit (that helps users to find their own exploits for jailbreaks, write custom ram disks, and create custom firmware) as well as a jailbreak tool for iDevices.

RedSn0w:- redsn0w was originally called QuickPwn, a jail-breaking tool for all current devices as well as providing unlock support the iPhone.

SPIRIT :- The First ever Jail breaking Software created under the guidance of Sauvik, was one of the easiest way to Jailbreak your iPhone but was discontinued for IOS4.


Though Different softwares can be used but as of with available versions “Redsn0w” is mostly preferred by the iPhone users.

WHY USE Redsn0w??

  • User Friendly
  • Easily accessible and has a better interface.
  • The downloading process is also very easy and will take a few minutes of your time.
  • After downloading the program you can just follow the steps upon launching the program. The instructions are very easy to follow and will cut down the amount of time you spend installing the program.

How to Jailbraek using Redsn0w (Tutorial)

1. Once you have downloaded the correct firmware and redsn0w, you are now ready to jailbreak.

2. After you launch redsn0w, you will be asked to bro wse and choose the custom firmware you downloaded in the previous step.

3. redsn0w will process the firmware…

4. …and let you know when it’s good to go

5. Next you’ll choose to install Cydia

6. And then redsn0w will walk you through placing your device in DFU mode. Just make sure you start this process with your device OFF.

7. Let your device do its thing and you’re done!

[Hurray!! :P :D]

Personal Experience and Application

Tried the Greenpois0n on Apple iPod Touch 3G with 4.3.2 Firmware

•Greenpois0n was a little clumsy at the start as it didn’t accept the DFU mode of the Phone easily.

• Tried it 3 times to get perfectly into the DFU Mode.

• The Greenpois0n goes very smooth after it as it doesn’t need any other requirements.

• After the reboot, Cydia was available.

Tried the Redsn0w on Apple iPhone 4 with 4.3.5 Firmware

• Redsn0w took the behold (the one we downloaded) firmware and processed it on its own.

• Very Easily got into the DFU mode.

• And Installed quite smoothly.
• After the reboot, Cydia was available

  • Barrel (Tweat) : Barrel offers a visual tweak to the way the icon pages are stacked and displayed. Unlike the normal mode wherethe icon pages appear to be placed side-by-side, Barrel offerseffects to these icon pages
    • FIFA 12: Saved a big amount $4.99 :P

  • LockDownPro : Wanna Lock applications and folders on your iPhone. That’s the perfect app. (Password protected)

ARSoccer : Dribble the ball across your
own legs with the iPhone Camera

  • Winter Board : Unlimited free mouth opening themes


"Beat the system: Jailbreak your iPhone."


• Our Best Friend “Google” And Its Best Friends’ Nephew “”

• For the Topic Decision and help – Mr. Shikhar Singhal

• To Our Very Own iPhone(went through all procedure of Jailbreak)

• Special Thanks to Amarjeet Sir for the Quote
“A Picture is Worth 1000 Words”

• Had an intuition that it would be too easy, Unfortunately We were Wrong.

• Using the blogspot was itself a challenge.

• Thinking Caps On, Everything went On Track and here we are.

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