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P2P Communication (Peer To Peer)

Imagine A World With No Connectivity And No Sharing Between Your Computer And Your Friend’s Computer . Have You Imagined The World With No Sharing Of Files?? . Then How Would You Have Been Able To Download Games Like Counter Strike And Fifa And Many Other Games So Fluently. Would You Have Been Able To Connect Your Pc With Any One Around The World . Computing Had Been A Tough Task Without That. That’s Where P2p Networking Comes In.

Peer To Peer Communication Is A Communication In Which Computer Serves Both As Client And Server, Means Each Machine Has The Same Capability And Either Of Them Can Be Used As Server.

In The Conventional Server Client System, All Communication Are Done On One On One Basis With The Server, So When The Number Of User Increases The Load On The Server Increases By That Amount, As A Result There Is Limitation On Transmission Of Large Files.

On The Other Hand When The P2p Network Uses The Information Of The Users Who Have Viewed Video Once Before Remains In The Cache Memory , And When A Another User Views The Same Video, The Same Infomation Is Extracted From The Personal Computer Of Various Peers Without Having Access To The Server To View The Entire Video. In Other Words The Personal Computer Of Each Peers Serve The Role Of The Server. This Reduces The Load On The Main Server

There Are Many Peer To Peer Based Applications Used Online For Many Purpose Like Dowloading And Online Music Etc . Some Of Such Applictions Which You May Rather Must Have Used Are Limewire, Torrent,Emule,Nepster,Kazaa And Many More………

Now Coming To The Traditional Classification Of P2p(click options below) :

1. Pure P2p

2. Hyrid P2p

Pure P2p:

Have Equal Peer Nodes That Simultaneously Function As Both"Clients" And "Servers" To The Other Nodes On The Network

Example: Freenet , Gnutella Etc

Hybrid P2p:

Hybrid P2p Network Are Networks Using Central Servers For Their Data Transfer .These Networks Are In General Called Centralized Networks Because Of Their Lack Of Ability To Work Without Their Central Server

Example: Emulle, Kazaa Etc


1. Cheap

2. Easy

3. Very Widely Extended


1. Virus

2. Legal Controversy With The Copyright

3. Band With Get Maxed Out

4. Confidential Information Is Routinely Disclosed

Napster's Architecture

As Internet Consists Of The Web Servers (See How Web Servers Work For Details). Web Browsers Allow Individual Users To Connect To The Servers And View The Information. But As The Numbers Of User Viewing That File Increases The Load On The Server Increase By That Order.

Napster Used The Concept Of Peer-To-Peer File Sharing. In Year 2003 Napster Came Up With It Latest Version Which Enabled It. The Concept Used Was That If Any User Has Music File To Be Shared In Their Hardisk So Any Other User Who Want To Listen To That Music Then He Can Access That Audio File Through That User Who Have That File. This File Sharing Was Enabled Though Napster Software So The User Having That File Becomes The New Mini Server For The Listiner.

How Does Napster Works??

As Soon You Turn On The Napster You Are Assigned A Node And You Become A New Mini Server Connected To The Main Centeral Server And Machines With Napster Turned On.The Content In Your Harddisk Are Updated On The Ceteral Server And Made Available For Other Users To Listen.As Soon As Anyone Types A Query For A Song The Machines With That Songs Are Listed And The Listiner Chosses The Song From Any Of The Server And Downloads It Directly Without Disturbing Server.

This Concept Brought In A Revolution In Downloading As The Billions Songs Were Available With Easy Downloads

But This Sharing Didn’t Last Long As There Were Complaints For Copy Right And Many More, So This Paused The Speed Of File Sharing And Was No Longer Free…!!


Security Is The Major Drawback Of P2p Network. In 2009 13 Million Files Leaked From Over 4 Million Sources On P2p File Sharing Networks . Million Of Music And Movies Files Pirated Through P2p Network

You Are At Risk From P2p Network Even If You Do Not Use P2p To Share Files , Even If You Have Web Blocker And Web Sensing Devices.Best Claimed Firewall And Internet Security System Are Also Hacked.

You Might Think You Are Downloading A New Software, But When You Download The Exe File How Can You Be Sure That You Haven't Also Installed Something Malicious In Your Computer Allowing An Attacker To Access It.

Here Are Some Important Points To Be Consider When Using P2p Network To Prevent Security Of Your Computer:

1. .Never Setup P2p Network On Your Corporate Network

2. Dont Share Everything : When You Install P2p Client Software, There Is Default Folder For Sharing Files. Make Sure That This Folder Only Contain Files Which You Want To Share. Many User Have Designated Root "C" Drive As Ther Default Folder For Sharing Files Which Allow The Other User On The Network To Access All Files And Folders On Their Drive.

3. Most Important Is Scaning: Scan Everything Which You Download. Treat Everything As Suspicios And Scan Everything Because Their No Way To Ensure That What You Have Downloaded Does Not Have Any Virus. Scaning Before Opening Will Prevent Your Machine From Most Of The Attack But Make Sure That You Update Your Antivirus Routinely.

Setting Up P2p Network

Peer To Peer Network Can Be Set Up Over Two Computer Using Utp Cable Attached With Rj-45 Connectors(click the image).

Our Experience

This Is Our First Experiance To Write Any Blog. We Have Worked On The Topic Which Was Not Known To Us. We Spent Many Hours To Complete This Project In The Most Efficient Way. We Started Our Work Immediately After Our Mid Semester Exams As The Deadline Of Posting The Blog Was Coming Near. The Graph Of “Work Per Day Done By Us” Was Inversely Propotional To “The Number Of Days Remaining”. We Learnt Many Other Things Needed For Make Our Blog More Interesting Like Video Editing, File Sharing Through Ethernet Cable Etc.We Worked Till Late Night On Our Project In Lab.But After That The Difficult And Interesting Part Starts That Is To Go Back Home. The Security Guard At North Gate Did Not Allowed Us To Go Back Through That Gate After 10:00 Pm But Everyday We Used To Go Back Through That Gate Only And Everyday We Had Different Excuses Ready At Hand Courtesy Chandraji (Rohit Chandra). While Walking Towards The Gate We All Used To Think The Excuse To Be Given To The Security Gaurd , Chandra-G(G-> Genius) Helped Us To Get Through As He Always Had Innovative Excuses Sometimes Even Involving The Director.


We Hope That After Reading This Blog You Must Have got Familiar With P2p Communication And Its Utilities. We Hope That You Find This Blog Intresting And Liked It.


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