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It’s a piece of code that runs as you switch on your computer. Each operating system has a set of boot loaders specific for it. It contains several ways to boot the operating system kernel. It also contain commands for debugging and modifying the kernel environment

Types of boot loader:
1.  GNU GRUB (GNU Grand unified boot loader):It provides a user to choose to boot one of multiple operating systems installed on a computer. And also to select a specific kernel configuration available on a particular operating system’s partitions.

2.  LILO (Linux loader): It can boot an operating system from floppy disk and hard disks. It can be placed in the master boot record (MBR) or the boot sector of a partition.

3. BOOTMGR: It reads the boot configuration data and displays an operating system selection menu. You can access the BOOTMGR by pressing the space bar key .
 4. NTLDR (NT loader): It allows the user to choose                                  b/w the operating system. It allows user to pass pre-configured options to the kernel. Menu options are stored in boot.ini, which itself is located in the root of the same disk as NTLDR.
                                    GNU GRUB
To install grub:
 1.Type “ sudo apt-get install grub2” in the terminal and press enter.

2. Then type your password and press enter.
3. Then type “y” and press enter.

4. Then you will come to this :

5.Now type “sudo reboot” and press enter.

6. Your grub install successfully.

                            BOOTMGR IN WONDOW 7
1. Insert window 7 dvd in to your dvd drive and restart the computer.
2.  Then press any key when windows asks “press any key to continue”.
3.  Then select your language and click next.
4.  Then select “repair your computer”.
5.  It will search for the installation directory, once 
it finished, click “next”.
6. Select “startup repair” in recovery tools.
7.  By doing this window will try to repair your startup problems and gives a message to restart your system.
8. Your bootMGR is successfully installed.


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